What is your return policy?

Shopping from is easy, but sometimes goofs happen. Should you need to return something we'll happily take it back, under these conditions...


Since edible items cannot be returned for resale, Picky Bars will address refund issues as stated below:

  • If you received an incorrect order (wrong flavor, quantity, etc), expired product, or damaged goods we will simply send you a new shipment without requiring the return of the original shipment. Because oops, that's our bad.
    • If in your shipment you received what is on the packing slip, it is considered to be the correct order.  
  • If you receive the incorrect item from what you ordered, and prefer a refund instead of receiving the correct shipment, you will be refunded.
    • Picky Bars will not do both. You will either be refunded without receiving the correct order or you will receive the correct order without having to return the incorrect order.
  • If you order Picky Bars, and the product is damaged, we will send you a new shipment that is undamaged without requiring the customer to return the original shipment.
    • We will ask for a picture of damaged product

Merchandise: (All non-edibles: hats, shirts, water bottles, etc)

  • Non-edible merchandise may be returned as long as it is unworn or unused for a full refund.
  • If you prefer an exchange (instead of a refund), we will exchange non-edible items if unworn or unused for the correct size/item, as long as inventory is available. (Different priced items will be charged/refunded accordingly.)
  • For product that will be returned to inventory, Picky Bars will provide a return shipping label.
  • We cannot ship an item in exchange for another one until we have the item originally purchased back, or if we see that the item is on its way back to our office via the shipping label we provided.

Send all product returns, exchanges, and inquiries to 


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